Engineering Design Team

Engineering Design Team, Inc. (EDT)

Camera Link, Machine Vision, Frame Grabbers, Range Extenders | FPGA Accelerators | High Speed Data Acquisition

Engineering Design Team, Inc. (EDT) of Hillsboro OR, is a HEICO company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE:HEI.

EDT manufactures computer-to-computer and computer-to-device links through an extensive line of PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PMC and AMC interfaces. EDT boards, systems, servers, and auxiliary products provide speed and reliability for applications throughout the scientific, commercial, and military communities.

EDT designs and builds high-performance interfaces and systems for multiple platforms and data formats. Products include I/O, DMA, and FPGA accelerator interfaces; systems, servers, and recorders; digital imaging frame grabbers, simulators, and extenders; and custom designs. API and drivers are included, with engineer-to-engineer support available.

Engineering Design Team's products include FPGA accelerators, frame grabbers, optical and electrical carrier interfaces; IF and L-Band signal processing; high-speed DMA and I/O; and Real-time acquisition, playback and storage instruments.

Zerif Technologies Ltd. of London, England, provides advanced electronics products for science and industry, and is an international distributor for Engineering Design Team (EHT, Inc.). Zerif is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH of Munich, Germany, founded in 1999.

Vision Systems and Digital Imaging

EDT manufactures a broad line of framegrabbers, simulators, and long range extension systems, supporting Camera Link and other formats on a wide variety of platforms.

Datacom / Telecom

EDT’s datacom, telecom, radio, and broadcast video products use a main-board : mezz.-board architecture. Choose a main board that fits your bus architecture, FPGA and memory requirements and add your mezzanine board functionality for your complex signaling requirements. High-speed input/output interfaces support a wide variety of protocols and signal levels, including LVDS, RS422, ECL, PECL, SONET, T3, E3, MSDV-B, Ethernet, and single- or multiple-channel, serial or parallel.

Data Acquisition, Simulation, and Hardware Acceleration

From large FPGA boards, custom devices and data generators to scanners and DR11-W legacy systems, EDT has a high-speed solution to meet your most demanding I/O and processing needs.

Legacy and Exotic Products

Over its long and successful history, EDT has developed many products that are still powerful and effective, even though the core technology may now be superseded by new developments. These products are mostly still available, and often at very good prices. You may be expanding an exiting system or replacing parts and wish to avoid any new programming or integration, or you may need backward-compatibility with other components of your system, or you simply don't need the cost and complication of the latest version: Please enquire about price and availability of our EDT legacy and exotic products.