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BittWare IA-840F | 3x QSFP-DD | PCIe Gen 4 | Intel oneAPI | Artificial Intelligence Workloads

The IA-840F is built on BittWare ’s enterprise-class foundation stones: existing products and processes that are already proven through extensive validation. When it’s time to ramp to production, this means a faster turnaround and utilizing the same hardware you have been using for development.

Tap Into the Power of Agilex: The new Intel Agilex FPGAs are more powerful, draw less power and add I/O features like PCIe Gen4.

With QSFP-DDs and MCIO connectors, the IA-840F offers a range of flexibility to meet your application needs:

The IA-840F FPGA features a configurable DSP engine with hardened support for single-precision FP32, half-precision FP16, BFLOAT16, and INT8 calculations. Agilex also supports low-precision configurations from INT7 to INT2 for maximum flexibility—ideal for evolving AI workloads.

2nd Gen Intel® Hyperflex™ Architecture: Continuous improvements to Intel Hyperflex deliver improved performance compared to Stratix 10 device designs. The 2nd Gen architecture thus greatly improve the productivity of customers and reduce time-to-market.

The Agilex FPGA delivers optimal power, performance and logic utilization efficiency by integrating hardened protocols for many popular functions including 600G Ethernet and PCIe Gen 4.

Built with the latest PCIe Gen4 interface, the IA-840F can transfer up to twice the bandwidth of Gen3 devices.

Supporting Intel's oneAPI.

Develop faster and reuse code in this software-orientated tool flow.

Supporting high-level software tool flows is critical to a growing customer base who want to take advantage of heterogenous architectures. The new oneAPI from Intel is designed around code re-use while providing similar performance to other high-level tools. BittWare recently completed an updated 2D FFT white paper using oneAPI and found the performance matches our optimized OpenCL-based approach.

Board Specifications

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BittWare IA-840F Agilex AGF027 PCIe Gen4 x16 FPGA Card with 3x 200GbE - 3x QSFP-DDs, up to 128GBytes DDR4 SDRAM, and up to 2.6M Logic Elements.
BittWare IA-840F PCIe Gen4 x16 FPGA Card with 3x 200GbE (3x QSFP-DDs) and up to 128GBytes DDR4 SDRAM. 
BittWare IA-840F Accelerator diagram showing hardware components.
Hardware accelerator diagram: BittWare IA-840F, Intel Agilex AGF027 FPGA Accelerator.