RECORDER – Multi Camera to Windows or Linux – Zerif Technologies Ltd.

MultiCamera.Systems RECORDER Video Recording Software

Multiple Cameras or Sensors | Remote Control from Laptop or Tablet | GigE, USB3, CameraLink HS, CoaXpress, and Ethernet | SDK

RECORDER has the following features:

MultiCamera.Systems also designs custom image acquisition systems based on RECORDER to meet specific customer needs.

MultiCamera.Systems Recorder diagram shows general software architecture and functionality.
Recorder acceleration diagram.

Product Data


MultiCamera.Systems software recording tab showing live video streams from selected cameras, settings and recording mode options.
Software recording tab with preview windows showing live video streams.
MultiCamera.Systems software camera settings allow applying synchronously setting to all cameras.
Camera settings are applied synchronously to all cameras.
MultiCamera.Systems single recorder configuration with a single PC.
Single Recorder System configuration.
MultiCamera.Systems two recorders configuration allows the recorder control app runs on one of the recorders.
Two Recorders System configuration.
MultiCamera.Systems multiple recorders configuration allows the recorder control app runs on a separate laptop.
Multiple Recorders System configuration.