BittWare 385A-SFP FPGA 6x SFP+ – Zerif Technologies Ltd.

BittWare 385A-SFP – FPGA Network Acceleration Card with 6 SFP+, Intel Arria 10, CPRI 10Gbps, PCIe3g8

BittWare’s 385A-SFP is an Intel Arria 10 based FPGA network accelerator card for 8 lane, single width, PCI Express Gen 3, with six SFP+ ports, rated at 10 Gbps.

Available as half height (HH) or full height (FH) this board is intended as a compute-intensive, high-density, and low-latency I/O plat-form for FPGA development, high-speed network traffic and storage, and inline error correction.

Other applications include macrocell monitoring and digital RF filtering, RF interference monitoring across CPRI, CRAN monitoring using multiple cards across the PCIe bus, Backhaul monitoring of Ethernet traffic, as well as video transcoding, medical imaging, and high frequency trading.

BittWare 385A-SFP Arria 10 Gen3 x8 PCIe FPGA Board hardware accelerator diagram with USB for FPGA UART JTAG and 20nm FPGA with 1.5 million LEs.
Hardware accelerator diagram of BittWare 385A-SFP Arria 10 Gen3 x8 PCIe FPGA Board.

Product Data

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BittWare 385A-SFP with 8-lane PCI-Express Gen 3.0, 6x SFP plus network ports, and GPIO connector.
BittWare 385A-SFP featured 6x SFP+ network ports.