Gidel FPGA Custom Application Development | 25 years experience | Development tools | High quality | Fast

High performance computing applications require high speed, large memory, and high bandwidth. Gidel provides the building blocks and tools that accelerate application development, either for your own use or as a turnkey service.

Gidel is a pioneer in developing FPGA-based systems, consistently introducing innovative high performance solutions and applications based on years of accumulated experience, technology patents, and long-standing relationships with manufacturers.

Gidel has the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to provide FPGA solutions based on the latest technology and extremely stable tools.

Using Gidel’s proprietary advanced development tools for ease-of-use, have your algorithm customized and integrated, or a tailored solution developed in the shortest time, and enjoy long product life cycle with Gidel’s dedicated support and high product performance.

Gidel has 25 years experience developing high-end FPGA systems as products for sale or as integration projects for customers using a combination of industry standard tools such as OpenCl, and internal advanced development tools, which are also available to end-customers.

Gidel’s reconfigurable platforms and development tools are used for optimal application tailoring, reducing the time and cost of project development, and insuring long product life cycles.

Gidel products, tools, and expertise are used in applications including security, DNA research, machine learning, imaging and vision systems, augmented and virtual reality,  deep learning, and reconfigurable interconnect frameworks for HPC clusters.

Gidel is a multi-national company founded in 1993 for high-end FPGA-based systems development and integration.

Gidel’s flow diagram showing Custom Application Development steps.
Flow diagram: Custom Application Development.