Machine Vision Camera and Frame Grabber Development and Customization Services

Zerif Technologies, through its partners Gidel and Kaya Instruments, offers customization of frame grabbers to meet your specific machine vision application requirements, and assistance and consulting services for CoaXPress Camera and Frame Grabber development.

Gidel FPGA Development Services and Frame Grabber Customization 

Get help with user-specific functionality embedded into your frame grabber. Gidel are recognized worldwide as highly experienced FPGA experts, who will program the frame grabber FPGA IP Core to meet your exact frame grabber requirements.

Using their own FPGA development tool kit, ProcWizard, and its derivative FPGA dev kit specifically for machine vision custom applications, ProcVision, Gidel can quickly and accurately create or adapt your frame grabber to meet your application specification exactly. Algorithms can be modified or added in the frame grabber FPGA and software.

Kaya Instruments Frame Grabber Customization Services

Kaya Instruments can adapt and customize your frame grabber to meet your exact machine vision application requirement. The frame grabber FPGA IP Core is reprogrammed, adapted,  or extended to include your frame grabber customization specification.

CoaXPress Camera and Frame Grabber Development Services

Kaya Instruments is a well-established and highly experienced developer of industrial machine vision cameras and image acquisition frame grabbers. They also provide their own CoaXPress FPGA IP Cores for both device side (camera) and host-side (frame grabber) applications. 

The Kaya Instruments CXP IP Core for both CXP-6 and CXP-12 (CoaXPress Version 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0) can be acquired for implementation in your proprietary CoaXPress camera or frame grabber development. The CoaXPress IP Core is available as an encrypted NetList that you cannot adapt further, or as open source, which can be freely programmed to embed your user-defined algorithms.

Additionally, Kaya Instruments can advise and guide you in the development of your CoaXPress camera and frame grabber products and algorithms, using both CXP1 and CXP2 interfaces.