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BittWare TeraBox 1102S | 1U Super-Micro | Intel Xeon | Achronix, Intel, and AMD FPGA-based boards 

The BittWare TeraBox 1102S is an economical 1U server for a double-width FPGA card or multiple single-width cards for any of Bittware’s Achronix, Altera, or AMD FPGA equipped PCIe cards. Front panel PCIe access gives you the best access to I/O, with up to 8x 100G or 32x 10/25G in a single rack space.

Chassis Key Specs

The TeraBox 1102S is a 1U server based on the SuperMicro SYS-111E-FWTR. Featuring an Intel 4th or 5th Gen Xeon Processor, it is the ideal platform to unleash the energy-efficient acceleration of BittWare’s FPGA cards. This FPGA-optimized 1U server delivers unrivaled performance density and value for a range of compute-intensive applications, including machine learning. The server is assembled in the USA and offers a 3-year warranty.

System Management

For system management, BittWare’s FPGA cards are equipped with a Board Management Controller (BMC), which accepts PLDM commands. Use it along with BittWare’s Software Development Kit to program the FPGA over USB, monitor card power and temperature, and re-program the onboard clocks. You’ll also be able to set points to shut down the card when it gets too hot, access JTAG, or access the software tools remotely.

Server Configurations


The server has additional space for (2) 2.5” internal SATA drives and an option for a (1+1) 600W DC power supply.

We can configure your server if is not exactly what you are looking for. BittWare can work with you to come up with a server configuration that suits your exact needs.

The TeraBox Advantage

Choosing a TeraBox FPGA server means knowing you are getting a pre-configured and tested solution. This includes setup and installation of your FPGA cards and associated hardware, your choice of operating system, and development tools. Your TeraBox arrives ready for use—giving your team more time for development and deployment.

Product Data

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BittWare TeraBox 1102S 1U Server for FPGA Cards supporting Achronix, Altera/Intel, or AMD FPGA PCIe cards and access to I/O with up to 8x 100G or 32x 10/25G in a single rack space.
BittWare TeraBox 1102S 1U Server supporting Achronix, Altera (Intel), or AMD FPGA PCIe cards. 
TeraBox 1102S key specification: Single Socket 4th or 5th Gen IntelXeon, DDR5 DIMMs, 800W Power Supplies, Up to 3x low-profile, 2x full-height single-width,or 1x double-width FPGA card, Front panel access to QSFPs or other interfaces.
Key features of TeraBox 1102S 1U Server for FPGA Cards.