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EDT ATA Bridge 2x connector, Backpanel / Mechanical / Fan board, and Time Boards

EDT Bridge, Backpanel, and Time Boards attach to EDT main boards.

ATA Bridge for two EDT main boards

The EDT ATA Bridge is an auxiliary board that connects two EDT main boards (PCI SS, PCI GS, or PCIe8 LX) of the same type and in adjacent slots via ATA connectors. Two full-duplex Rocket I/O channels save on host computer resources.

ATA bridge from Engineering Design Team allows connecting 2 EDT main boards PCI SS / PCI GS / PCIe8 LX of the same type.
EDT ATA bridge: connects 2 mainboards of the same type.

Backpanel / Mechanical / Fan board for all EDT accelerators

The EDT Fan board is a mezzanine board that provides a cooling fan, backpanel, and mechanical support for all EDT accelerator boards, such as PCIe8 LX, PCI GS, and PCI SS.

Back panel, mechanical, or fan board from EDT supports all EDT accelerators: PCIe8 LX / PCI GS / PCI SS.
Back panel, mechanical, or fan board supports all EDT accelerator boards.

Time distribution board for up to 12 EDT main boards

The Time Distribution auxiliary board inputs a time code signal from a 1 pps or IRIG-B time code source and distributes it to multiple main boards as a timestamp. Control of the signal source is via one header main board back to the Time Distribution board. 12 main boards and their attached mezzanine boards can be served by a single time board.

Time Distribution auxiliary board from EDT supports 1 pps or IRIG-B a timecode signal and distributes it up to 12 main boards.
Time Distribution auxiliary board distributes a timecode signal to 12 main boards to timestamp the data.

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