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Kaya Instruments “Vision Point” Software – GUI, SDK, and API

VisionPoint for Windows and Linux is a user friendly software environment for video acquisition, recording, playback and management. It works with all Kaya Instruments cameras, simulators, and frame grabbers.

Vision Point includes a GUI, SDK and API with rich documentation, examples and reference designs.

VisionPoint works with most modern Machine Vision standard tools such as MVTec Halcon, Matlab, Labview, DirectGPU and Cognex, and includes advanced system calibration and debug tools.

The digital video recorder achieves up to 40Gbps direct SSD recording of uncompressed digital streams for extended periods, and in-line compression allows even higher rates.

The VisionPoint GUI supports multi-stream, and provides multi-camera live rendering, camera initialization and controls, and easy frame grabber configuration. Save image sequences to a file, control triggers and encoders, and enjoy highly-efficient color pattern decoding.

The Vison Point SDK supports Genicam and GenTL. Buffer management includes cyclic, queued, and direct GPU buffers. Bayer de-mosaicking, color correction, flat field correction and gain/offset are included, along with video frame timestamping, video de-interlacing, camera trigger and GPIO control, and camera communication via a serial port.

Product Data

Kaya Instruments Vision Point App window: Toolbar Menu, Project navigator, Acquisition picture window, System messages window.
Vision Point App main window with all of its components.