FT-16 Fiber transmitter, 16 channel – Zerif Technologies Ltd.

Fiber transmitter FT-16 (16 channel)

The FT-16 is a fiber optic transmitter in 1U rack mount format. 16 channels, each operated individually or synchronously. It can be used for typical laboratory control requirements. The FT-16 is ideal for noise-immune triggering and control via the fiber transmitters and 50 Ω BNC outputs. It has single channel BNC inputs and a master BNC input to control all 16 channels at the same time. FT-16 can also be fully controlled using the 68 pin back panel SCSI connector that integrates seamlessly with multiple National Instruments timing and control cards.


EHT Fiber optic isolator waveform showing FT/FR pair rise, fall, and delay into 50 Ω with 1 m fiber length.
Fiber optic isolator waveform: FT/FR pair rise, fall, and delay into 50 Ω.