BittWare e4 Chassis by LDA, 1x FPGA, 48 ports – Zerif Technologies Ltd.

BittWare e4 is 1U PCIe FPGA board enclosure | 48 total ports 16x 25 GbE and 32x 10GbE | two e4 fit to 1U slot

The e4 chassis by LDA Technologies is a unique solution that transforms any FPGA-based PCIe card into a high-end networking device.

Plug any BittWare Intel or Xilinx UltraScale/UltraScale+ FPGA-based PCIe board into the e4, and the system pulls the I/O from the FPGA card out to 48 high-speed networking ports on the device’s front panel.

With a depth of just 12”, the compact e4 allows two boards to fit back-to-back, effectively doubling the number of FPGAs per 1U chassis.

The LDA e4 chassis supports all of BittWare’s Xilinx UltraScale/UltraScale+ or Intel FPGA-based PCIe boards, with 48 front-panel I/O ports and up to 16x 25GbE ports, 32x 10GbE ports. Also included are:

Independent cross point switch fabrics simplify configuration:

The e4 system is equipped with a range of CPU options:

The e4 system allows easy access to BittWare’s software tools and Board Management Controller (BMC):

Built-in software tools allow remote operation:

Have precise control over your system with advanced power features:

A 100 MHz on-board clock can be used as PCIe reference clock or as a very high precision internal clock:

Unlike a standard server, the e4 can boot quickly, getting the FPGA image loaded once power is up:

The e4 is small enough to fit two devices in one rack:

Additional interfaces connect directly to the Linux machine that are ideal for a networking device:

Product Data

Internal view of BittWare e4 Chassis supports any Xilinx UltraScale or Intel FPGA PCI boards.
e4 FPGA Chassis supports any Xilinx UltraScale+ or Intel FPGA-based PCIe boards.
BittWare e4 Chassis by LDA is 1U PCIe board is equipped with 48 front panel I/O ports with up to16x 25GbE ports and 32x 10GbE ports.
e4 FPGA Chassis is 1U PCIe FPGA board with up to16x 25GbE ports and 32x 10GbE ports.
BittWare e4 FPGA Chassis works with any current BittWare PCIe boards such as A10PL4, XUPPL4, A10P3S, XUPP3R.
e4 FPGA Chassis works with any current BittWare PCIe board.
BittWare e4 FPGA Chassis allows two e4 boxes fits in single 1U rack space with 12”dept.
Compact e4 FPGA Chassis: two e4 boxes in single 1U rack space with 12”dept.
e4 FPGA Chassis from LDA Technologies