Machine Vision Camera Simulators for CameraLink and CoaXPress

Our camera simulators are used in the development, testing, and debugging of cameras, frame grabbers, software, and other machine vision and digital imaging components and systems. 

Camera simulators generate their own test patterns and video streams, or feed images from a user file. This allows development to take place in the lab, thus improving productivity and reducing development cost. Bugs can be accurately reconstructed to locate, fix, and re-test your machine vision camera or image acquisition frame grabber.

CXP and CameraLink interface protocols are supported.

We offer the Kaya Instruments Chameleon camera simulator, the Gidel CamSim, and the EDT VisionLink CLS. The Kaya Instruments KY-FMC-CXP Mezzanine board can also be deployed as a CoaXPress camera simulator.