EDT PCIe4 CDa LVDS or RS-422 configurable DMA interface – Zerif Technologies Ltd.

EDT PCIe4 CDa with Intel Arria II GX PCIe 4-lane board

The EDT PCIe4 CDa is a PCI Express 4-lane interface that enables fast DMA and synchronous I/O to transfer differential data between an external device and a host computer, LVDS or RS422. FPGA is Intel Arria II GX (EP2AGX45D) combining PCIe DMA at 700 Mbs with UI functionality at 150 Mbs I/O, which is via integrated FIFO buffers. Configuration is either standard DMA: with one 16- or 32-bit parallel channel, or 16 synchronous serial channels; or low-latency DMA with one 16-bit parallel channel; or 1 parallel channel, at 600 MB/s total for 32-bit, or 300 MB/s total for 16-bit; or 1 serial channel at 150 Mb/s. Data and control signals are sampled by a synchronous clock protocol, generated by the DMA interface, the user device, or both. Access to the source VHDL is available.

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EDT PCIe4 CDa PCI Express 4x lane board with Intel Arria II GX including configurable 700 Mbs DMA and synchronous I/O (LVDS and RS-422).
EDT PCIe4 CDa PCI Express 4-lane interface with Intel Arria II GX: supporting LVDS or RS-422.