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BittWare, a Molex company, is headquartered in Concord NH, with a design and support center in the United Kingdom. The BittWare brand and operations incorporate products by Nallatech, based in Camarillo CA.

BittWare designs and manufactures the world’s most powerful FPGA cards for hardware, compute, network, and storage acceleration using Intel and Xilinx FPGAs, as well as the TeraBox ultra high-performance FPGA server platform. These FPGA accelerators are used for Network and Packet Processing (NPP), High Performance Computing (HPC), and Signal Processing (SP), in cybersecurity, high frequency trading, surveillance, and data acquisition applications.

BittWare’s PCI Express 8 and 16 lane boards feature Intel’s high-end Stratix 10 and Arria 10 FPGAs, and Xilinx UltraScale and UltraScale+ FPGAs for maximum performance and highest development productivity.

BittWare FPGA Server Solutions integrate the exclusive TeraBox line and  specialized solutions from LDA Technologies and other server vendors.

BittWare storage solutions meet the demands of compute-intensive data center applications.

Industries served by BittWare FPGA solutions include:

Zerif Technologies Ltd. of London, England, provides advanced electronics products for science and industry, and is an international distributor for BittWare. Zerif is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH of Munich, Germany, founded in 1999.