Gidel FPGA Boards | High performance scalable compute acceleration systems | I/O flexibility | FPGA development tool kits| FPGA IP cores

Gidel’s FPGA acceleration boards are based on Intel’s Arria 10 and Stratix 10 FPGAs with Teraflop capability, and scalable to Petaflop performance and more.

The boards are modular, offering flexibile I/O configurations, FPGA application development kits, proprietary development tools, FPGA intellectual property IP cores, and sub-systems to provide a complete solution. The tools and IP cores simplify integration between the acceleration platform and the software by generating the envelope HDL and the necessary software driver.

Powerful IPs provide data management and compression.

The Gidel FPGA accelerator boards included the Proc10S with Intel Stratix 10 GX/SX, the Proc10A with Intel Arria 10, and the cost effective HawkEye family with Intel Arria 10 GX.