High-speed Industrial Cameras and Camera Simulators by Kaya Instruments, Gidel, and EDT

High Speed, Robust Industrial Cameras

The Kaya Instruments Iron Series cameras are high speed, low-cost, low-power, global shutter, CMOS cameras with CoaXPress 12G, SDI 12G, or CLHS (X-protocol) interfaces which support up to 12MP high quality video at high rates. They feature a compact outline and low power demands, they can be fitted into tight spaces, they operate well in very low light conditions.

The Kaya Instruments JetCam series are high resolution, high speed video cameras connected via Fiber or CoaXPress, operating at 2400 fps and 25 megapixels.

Camera Simulators for Development and Debugging

The Kaya Instruments CoaXPress Camera Simulators are ideally suited for industrial, defense and aerospace machine vision systems, and for development and manufacturing applications.

The Kaya Instruments KY-FMC-CXP Mezzanine board can also be deployed as a CoaXPress camera simulator.

The Gidel CamSim™ is a flexible high-performance camera simulator that generates a camera link video stream and test patterns for testing frame grabbers or machine vision and digital imaging systems. The CamSim enables development to take place in the lab, thus improving productivity and reducing development cost. Bugs can be accurately reconstructed to locate, fix, and re-test.

The EDT VisionLink CLS is a Camera Link 2.0 simulator for base mode cameras. The board outputs board-generated or file-based data to facilitate the development and testing of imaging systems, cameras, and software.

Product Spectrum

These high speed, high definition, high transfer rate cameras and camera simulators are in the same category as the Teledyne Dalsa, Allied Vision, JAI, PCO, and VRMagic industrial machine vision cameras from Stemmer Imaging. Related products can be found by Basler, Matrox, Adimec, and Imperx, from Rauscher.

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