Gidel Proc10A 8CH | CoaXPress Frame Grabber | Developer’s Kit

The Gidel Proc10A eight channel CoaXPress Version 2 frame grabbing and real-time image processing system provides the core infrastructure required to realize the most demanding vision and imaging applications.

The Proc10A offers a number of options to accommodate diverse application needs, from plug-and-play high-performance frame grabbers to a full system solution comprising acquisition, open-FPGA image processing, and flexible custom camera interface. The Proc10A supports for CoaXPress 12.5 Gbps cameras.

The Proc10A is CoaXPress Version 1.1 and 2.0 compliant and supports up to eight CoaXPress (cXp-12) channels. The Proc10A family is based on PCIe Gen. 3 x8, providing CPU-free ultra-fast offload capacity of up to 64 Gb/s. Huge data buffers of up to 16 GB fortify the acquisition bandwidth and the image processing capabilities on powerful Arria 10 FPGA.

The Proc10A-CXP is supported by Gidel’s Proc Developer’s kit, which is composed of the ProcFG GUI application, an API library and examples for developing a customized application, and the ProcWizard application for efficient development of image processing algorithms on FPGA. The Proc10A-CXP is also supported by Gidel’s HLS application support package for compiling untimed C++ code to FPGA HDL code using Intel’s HLS compiler.

Gidel Proc10A CoaXPress Frame Grabber system diagram.
Hardware accelerator diagram for Proc10A 8-chanel CoaXPress Frame Grabber.

Product Data

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Gidel Proc10A frame grabber is equipped with up to eight cXp-6 CoaXPress channels and allows grabbing from 1, 2, 4 or 8 cameras simultaneously.
Proc10A with up to 8x CoaXPress (cXp-6) channels.