Gidel CamSim camera simulator | CoaXPress | CL Camera Link | CC Camera Control | Gidel FPGA PCIe frame grabber included | 2x MDR-26 connectors

The Gidel CamSim™ is a flexible high-performance camera simulator that generates a camera link video stream and test patterns for testing frame grabbers or vision/imaging systems. The system supports all Camera Link™ specification v2.0 configurations and can be customized for any user-defined camera protocol and interface.

This allows development to be carried out without the expense of actual cameras. This improves productivity and reduces the cost of vision and imaging systems development. The data flow repetition features allows for the validation of algorithms. The data flow can be reconstructed to locate bugs.

The CamSim suite includes:

Gidel CamSim system diagram showing key components links.
System block diagram: CamSim camera simulator.

Product Data

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Gidel’s flow diagram showing components of Gidel CamSim camera simulator application.
Flow diagram: CamSim camera application.