NorPix StreamTouch

High speed digital video recording for factory troubleshooting | Touch screen or mouse | Multi-Camera | Pre- / Post selection | Continuous

StreamTouch is the perfect solution for use at touch screen computers on the factory floor and for troubleshooting. It is ideal for multiple camera aquisition and allows pre/post selection fpr continuous loop recording.

NorPix StreamTouch Studio software with advanced recording settings.
NorPix StreamTouch recording settings.

StreamTouch Digital Video Recording Software Features:

NorPix StreamTouch Studio with touch screen or mouse use.
StreamTouch is compatible with touch screen or mouse use.

Product Data

NorPix StreamTouch software showing possible laptop / camera connection.
StreamTouch laptop based solution.
NorPix StreamTouch allows setting high speed recording.
StreamTouch with high speed recording.
NorPix StreamTouch software allows setting multiple cameras.
StreamTouch with multiple cameras setup.
NorPix StreamTouch allows setting web break monitoring systems for technological lines.
StreamTouch: web break monitoring systems for production lines.
NorPix StreamTouch allows setting turnkey systems on portable or desktop computers.
StreamTouch: turnkey systems available on portable or desktop computers.