Mercury “SWIFT” Camera | SCD SWIR Sensor | 640×512 | 1600 fps | CoaXPress

The Mercury CoaXPress SWIFT is a rugged, ultra-thin high speed, low-power event-based SWIR camera with a micro-BNC interface which supports 640×512 resolution event video at 1600 fps.

This is a small form factor, ruggedized event-based SWIR Camera with an extremely compact outline so that the Mercury fits into tight spaces. 

This camera incorporates the SCD SWIFT event-based sensor with a 10 μm pixel size and TEC cooler, giving you superior sensor performance, yet a smaller pixel size. The SCD shortwave infrared (SWIR) detector is a low-cost, 10-micron-pitch SWIR detector with integrated event-based imaging capabilities.

The Kaya Instruments “Mercury” camera can detect multiple laser sources, laser spots, hostile fire and has state-of-the-art, read-out integrated circuit imager technology offering two parallel video channels in one sensor: a standard imaging SWIR video channel and a very-high-frame event imaging channel.

Functioning well in day and low-light scenarios and with better atmospheric penetration, the low-cost SWIR image with an event-based imaging channel ist well suited for laser event spot detections, multi-laser spot thermography and SWIR event-based imaging.

Additional machine vision applications include production line sorting machines and smart agriculture, enabling analysis of high-level SWIR images as required for automatic machine decision making with a full frame rate of more than 1200 Hz, which is essential for machine AI algorithms.

KAYA Instruments' Mercury cameras, recognized for their rugged construction and compact form, stand out in the field of multi-spectral infrared (IR) imaging technology and enable the next generation of AI-based systems.

These IR cameras are engineered for optimal performance in demanding conditions, delivering high-speed and low-power functionality combined with superior sensor quality. They are equipped with advanced cooling systems to maintain exceptional imaging standards across various applications. With a focus on efficiency and versatility, these cameras offer significant Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaPc) benefits, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. They are particularly well-suited for sectors such as military, aerospace, global security, surveillance, target tracking, object identification, and image fusion, where the ability to perform in challenging environments and provide precise, reliable imaging is paramount.

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Kaya Instruments Mercury SWIFT CoaXPress 2.0 event-based camera with Short-Wave Infra Red SWIR SCD Sensor and micro-BNC interface supports 640×512 resolution, and1600 fps.
Kaya Mercury SWIFT CoaXPress event-based camera with SWIR (short-wave infra red) SCD Sensor and  a micro-BNC interface.