Frame Grabbers by EDT, Kaya Instruments, and Gidel

These are best-in-class frame grabbers, ideally suited to machine vision, industrial, surveillance, security, remote guidance, radar acquisition, astronomy, AOI, printing inspection, 3D, broadcasting and sports, high-speed DVRs, algorithm acceleration, and defense and aerospace applications.

Our high performance frame grabbers with CXP CoaXpress Versions 1 and 2, AIA Camera Link and CLHS CameraLink High Speed X-Protocol, 10 GigE Vision, and Fiber technologies support CMOS and CCD Cameras on PCIe Express, PCI, PMC and Compact PCI for line scan and area scan applications. These allow easy integration with Halcon, Matlab and Labview.

We support frame grabbers from Engineering Design Team (EDT),  Kaya Instruments, and Gidel.

Product Spectrum

This class of frame grabbers and range extenders is for demanding and high reliability environments also served by products from Stemmer Imaging by Silcon Software, Matrox, Adimec, Active Silicon, Euresys, and MaxxVision.

Please use our Frame Grabber Selector to find your preferred model.